Classic Car Clubs : Comet East

Comet East was a club located in Shepherdsville Kentucky. The purpose of the Comet East Car Club was to promote, preserve, maintain, and enjoy Comet and Cyclone automobiles manufactured by Ford Motor Company from 1960 through 1977 and Mercury Meteors made from 1961 – 1963 in the USA.

The History of Comet East

Comet East got started when Pete Girard and Tim Morley talked in the spring of 2002. They were exploring ways for Comet owners to get together and show their cars and to be included in judged classes. Especially the 60-65 model years. The 66-70 model Comets are accepted by the Fairlane Club of America and the 71-77 model owners can be a part of the Maverick-Comet Club, but the 60-65 owners have had orphan cars until now.

Tim managed to get some space in Nashville,TN near where the FCA was having their national meet (Many Thanks to those who helped Tim with this), and got the word out to Comet owners. About 16 Comets met in a lot adjacent to, but separate from, the FCA. There were a bunch of 65s, a 60, a 62, a 63 s22 Convertible, a 64 Hardtop, one 65 Convertible, and later a 68? Fastback. Pete arranged for some judges and plaques to be given to the best examples of Comets in several categories, and the other members gave him the "Most Unselfish Competitor" award.

Comet East had its first ever organizational meeting that weekend. Ideas were shared at the meeting about the name and organizational structure of a new club. It was decided that for the time being members would be part of a loosely associated group of owners and that as a group they would work on forming a base for a new club that would be called Comet East.

A web site was to be started and a newsletter published. On May 30,2003 Comet East became a club in every sense of the word. We adopted bylaws and elected officers at a meeting in Carlisle, PA. We included more then 30 Comets and Cyclones in our judging, and in the spite of rainy conditions  a great time was had by all. It is our fervent hope that this momentous occasion will be the start of something grand. We invite everyone who owns or enjoys Comets to join us at an event nearby or far away, and become members of our extended family.